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This site shows my Modelleisenbahn (layout) with mainly Märklin trains and several HAG, Roco, Fleischmann, Morep, ESU, and Brawa AC digital HO loks. It contains descriptions, pictures, helpful information, and diagrams of the layout as well as links to other sites. The site will have pictures updated periodically.

On September 2, 2020

The web site also contains pictures of German, Swiss, French and Luxembourg engines taken on my trips to these countries as well as various American trains including cog railways. There are pictures of a the former Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus train and various Long Island Railroad maintenance of the way cars. It also contains pictures of my Mike's Train House (MTH) 0 gauge engines as well.

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Introduction An introduction to my layouts including layout dimensions and the programs used to run the layouts.
Pictures and videos of loks on My Current Layout. Pictures of the trains on my current layout. Pictures will be added periodically.  
Marklin Loks 1 on my old layout Pictures of the most recent Märklin trains on my previous layout.
Marklin Loks 2 on my old layout Second set of pictures of the Märklin trains on my previous layout.
Marklin Loks 3 on my old layout Third set of pictures of the Märklin trains on my previous layout.
US Loks Pictures of the American Märklin trains on my previous layout.
Roco Loks on My Previous Layout Roco trains on my previous layout.
HAG Loks on My Previous Layout Pictures of HAG, Morep and Brawa trains on my previous layout.
The Shay on My Previous Layout Pictures of Bachmann shay converted to Marklin digital on my previous layout.
MTH Engines Mike's Train House (MTH) engines in my previous home.
Cranes on My Previous Layout Pictures of working cranes on my previous layout.
Lok Comparisons Comparisons of Märklin, Roco and HAG loks.
Display Cases Pictures of trains in my display cases in my previous home. I have since sold several of the cases and use only three.
My New Layout These series of photos show the construction of the benchwork for the new layout, the progression of track installation and the ramp and helix connection to from the main to lower levels, the new layout completed with only buidings, andthe "completed" layout with buildings, bridges, signals, vehicles and trees..
Current Layout Pictures The most current pictures of my layout  
Earlier Layout Pictures Earlier pictures of my layout  
Track Plans for My Current Layout The original track plans for my current layout. These plans were changed with the addition of a second loop on the upper level, a double city loop on the main leve, and a completely different configuration on the lower level. See the pictures above.
Track Plans for My Previous Layout The track plans for the old layout.
Storage Rack Used on MY Prevous Layout Pictures of my movable, multi-level storage rack with 18 sidings which is no longer being used for lack of space..
The Flood of My Previous Layout Pictures of my flooded layout in my previous home.
Power Supply & Wiring for My Previous Layout Pictures of the Eckert EE-300D power supply and the wiring method (bare-stranded wire strung on looms). Not currently used.
The Central Station 2 Pictures of the various modes of the Central Station 2 which I previously used to control my current layout.
iPad Control Pictures of the various modes of the iPad app Central Station which I use to control my current layout.
Previously Used Control Devices Pictures of train controlers, i.e., Intellibox, IR, Interface, the Intellibox Remote Controler, the Uhlenbrock S88 FREDs, DAISYs and IR connected to a LocoNet bus. No longer used. I now use two CS3plus with two Marklin boosters and two Mobil Station 2 units to control and power my layout. In addition I can control the layout with my computer, iPad, and android smartphone using my router via WiFi. I just put in the IP address of my CS3plus and I am there.
C Track Pictures Pictures of the way I converted C track so that it can connect to M track.
C Contact Tracks How to make C track contact tracks.
76XXX Signals Pictures, information about 76XXX signals and instructions for installing them.
Turntable contacts Select to see pictures showing how to make a contact track on a metal turntable.
Engine Classification The classification of loks.
E-loks Questions and answers about e-loks.
Diesel loks Questions and answers about Diesel loks.
DB Trains Pictures of the DB engines and cars.
Swiss Trains Pictures of the Swiss engines and cars.
SCNF Trains Pictures of the SNCF engines and cars taken in Paris and Luxembourg.
Scandinavian Trains Pictures of loks and cars taken in Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland and Sweden.
Göppingen Pictures Pictures of the Märklin Museum and the Märklin factory in Göppingen.
DB Train Driver Pictures taken by a DB train driver.
Spanish Train Pictures Pictures taken by Antonio Martinez during train rides in Spain.
Rocky Mtn RR's Pictures of the Leadvile, Royal Gorge and the Georgetown Railroads.
Cog Railroads Pictures of the Mount Washington Cog Railroad.
Christmas Display Pictures of Christmas train display at the Bronx Botanical Gardens.
MOW Cars Pictures of LIRR & CFL mainenance of the way cars.
Circus Train Pictures of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus train.
MEA Meet Pictures from the MEA meet.
HVMC Meet Pictures from the HVMC meet.
1/6/07 HVMC Meet Pictures from the January 6, 2007 HVMC meet at Sean Fanelli's home.
Links Links to other railroads and sites.
Märklin Nostalgia Link to a bit of Marklin nostalgia.

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